Oral history is an audio (or video) recording of a person's unique life story. It is an invaluable source of information about people's lives, attitudes and experiences that Oral history interviewscan not always be found in other sources.

These recordings allow us to ‘hear’ the real voices of people in our recent past and present. It is particularly important when researching the history of Black people in Britain, as there is often little surviving written evidence of their presence in our archives and museums.

The Northamptonshire Black History Project has successfully recorded over 200 life story interviews with Black people across the county. A large team of people have been involved in collecting these interviews to enable you to find out about people's life experiences today, as well as in the future.

You can listen to digital recordings of these interviews or read full interview transcripts or summaries at Northamptonshire Record Office. Copies of interview summaries are also available in the reference sections of the county's local libraries.

Joe Dixon   (2:55 mins)
Joe talks about early Black-led community organisations in Northampton such as United Social Club and West Indian Parents Association.
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June Gulley   (2:23 mins)
June talks about the Count Shelley Sound System in Northampton in the late 1970s.
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Farhat Lateef   (2:04 mins)
Farhat talks about helping out as a teaching assistant at her son's school and how her qualifications from Pakistan were not eligible in Britain.
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Mohinder Plahay  (3:21 mins)
Mohinder talks about the pressure put upon her by one of her supervisors to wear western clothes at her place of work in Corby in the 1960s.
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Godfrey Salem   (2:53 mins)
Godfrey talks about his parents, inter-racial marriage and their work.
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